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Wintering and passage birds

The Humber Estuary plays an international role in bird migration and is one of the most important wetland sites in the UK.  It provides a safe feeding and roosting area for species moving from breeding sites in the arctic and sub-arctic to wintering grounds in southern Europe and Africa, as well as for species which use the Humber as an overwintering site.  Waders and waterfowl utilise the extensive and highly productive intertidal mudflats of the estuary as a source of food and a roost site.  

In ecological terms, the value of the Humber is for the massive number of wildfowl and waders which regularly use the mudflats and saltmarsh during passage and for overwintering and numbers can reach an annual peak of up to 130,000.

For more information on wintering and passage birds, including threats and management, please download the wintering and passage bird fact sheet.