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2023 Humber Nature Partnership Award

2023 Humber Nature Partnership Award

Each year Humber Nature Partnership’s Board presents an award to an individual, organisation or project which it feels has significantly benefitted the Humber’s environment in the last year. This year’s award recognises both a fantastically successful year for the winning project as well as the years of hard work the team have put in to get the project to where it is now.

This year’s Humber Nature Partnership Award was presented to the Beacon Ponds Little Tern Project at the Humber Conference on 30th November. In 2023 a total of 107 little tern fledged at the colony on the outer north bank of the Humber. This is the highest number of young fledged since records began at the site in 1977. This fantastic achievement has been made possible by the tenacious work of the project team over many decades undertaking habitat management work and wardening to both provide ideal nesting conditions and to protect the birds from both predation and disturbance whilst they are nesting. 

Chair of Humber Nature Partnership, Paul Learoyd, said, "The project is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when a dedicated group of people set their minds to helping a species struggling to survive on the Humber. Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the project over the years." 

01 December 2023 by Darren Clarke

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