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Book your place at the 2021 Humber Conference

Book your place at the 2021 Humber Conference

Many people and organisations have interests in the well-being of the Humber, but no one organisation has all the knowledge, legal powers and resources to ensure that all the legitimate users and uses – people, navigation, industry, agriculture, wildlife, recreation and heritage – can take place in harmony. The Humber Conference, organised by Humber Nature Partnership, provides an opportunity for all these interests to meet together.

The theme of the 2021 Humber Conference is Nature Recovery and Climate Change. With speakers from the Humber and further afield the event will highlight how by working to protect and enhance the natural environment we can ensure that the environment, the economy and society are all resilient to the predicted impacts of climate change.

The keynote speech at the conference will be given by Craig Bennett, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts and attendees at the conference will hear from a range of speakers from the public, private and voluntary sectors. Topics covered will include how major infrastructure projects can enhance biodiversity, developments in national policy on nature conservation and the role of the natural environment in both resilience to climate change and society’s health and well-being.

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The 2021 Humber Conference will be held online as one of the Waterline Summit Fringe events between 2pm and 4.30pm on 21st October. Joining information will be circulated to registered attendees prior to the conference. The event is free to attend but places are limited so please book early. 

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06 September 2021 by Darren Clarke

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