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World Biodiversity Day at Centrica

World Biodiversity Day at Centrica

Centrica staff at Glanford Brigg Power Station celebrated World Biodiversity Day on 5th June by converting further areas of amenity grassland at the plant to wildflower meadow and building and installing bird and bat boxes at the site.

A further area of grassland has been set aside for wildflowers and wildlife, close to where the largest open area at the power station was also set aside several years ago.

‘It’s not always easy to accommodate wildlife right amongst industrial operations but Centrica has shown that, even at sites such as Brigg, this can be achieved with a significant proportion of the site now managed for wildlife,’ says Alan Jones, HNP’s Conservtion Officer.

All three of Centrica’s members of HNP, at Killingholme, Stallingborough and Brigg power stations now actively manage their sites for wildlife.  Even staff of Centrica’s offshore headquarters on Grimsby Dock are actively working with HNP to improve premises for wildlife.

10 September 2014 by Tania Davey

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