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Hounding around over the summer

Hounding around over the summer

Humber Hounds has been busy this summer attending a number of dog shows and holding dog training at Theddlethorpe Saltfleetby Dunes and the Humber Bridge Country Park.  A regular dog walking group has also started in Barton.  Dog walkers have also been supporting the project via facebook where there are now over 100 people following the news feeds.

Humber Hounds aims to help dog walkers enjoy the Humber Estuary whilst helping to protect this special area and its wildlife.  Membership is free and those who sign up receive a goody pack and invitations to special events.  All we ask is that members follow the Doggy Do Code.  

Humber Hounds will be continuing to hold events over the next few months including a dog first aid course and regular dog walks in Barton.   If you would like to come along to a Humber Hound event, organise a dog walk in your area or become a member, please email or phone 01652 631521.  For more information see the Humber Hounds facebook page

10 September 2014 by Tania Davey

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