Industry and Nature in Harmony

Key Roles and Performance Indicators

Ongoing work

To establish policies and systems to provide a practical, timely and confidential advice and information service to developers and relevant authorities. This will be available throughout the pre-planning process to ensure the harmonisation of the estuary’s natural environment and its economic development.  This will result in the enhancement of the estuary’s natural environment wherever possible.

To communicate about the estuary’s ecosystem and its benefits to ensure that people understand, value, protect and enhance the Humber Estuary European Marine Site. 

To contribute to strategic planning and sustainability activities of the Humber Unitary Authorities, the Environment Agency, the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and other local organisations as appropriate.  

To act as advocate for the enhancement of the natural environment within and around the Humber estuary. 

Quantitative indicators

Meet budget targets, and financial and other business obligations. 

Hold at least two stakeholder events in support of the Humber Nature Partnership.